Lacoste L'Homme

Gift Set I.

Lacoste L'Homme Gift Set I.
Lacoste L'Homme Gift Set I.
Lacoste L'Homme Gift Set I.

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Eau De Toilette 50 ml + Shower Gel 50 ml

Sunday, 6/24/2018


Base notes
Ginger, Jasmine, Juniper, Nutmeg, Pepper, Violet, Whisky
Middle notes
Amber, Musk, Wood
Top notes
Apple, Bergamot, Lavender, Pineapple, Tangerine

About the brand Lacoste

Lacoste is a symbol of casual elegance, both in fashion and the world of fragrance. The brand was founded in 1933 by the famous tennis player René Lacoste, and at first focused solely on manufacturing sportswear. The French champion wanted to feel comfortable when playing while also feeling like a gentleman. Relaxation, simplicity and natural elegance are still reflected in Lacoste fashion and Lacoste perfume today.

René Lacoste did not just give the brand its name but also the famous symbol – the green crocodile – which was inspired by his nickname “the Crocodile” given to him by American journalists after his captain in the Davis Cup promised to buy him a crocodile-leather suitcase for winning a match.

The first Lacoste fragrance was launched in 1984, followed by entire perfume ranges for both men and women. Lacoste fragrances for men and women have mostly been inspired by a variety of sports. Lacoste fragrances have been symbols of casual elegance for several decades, making Lacoste one of the most famous fashion brands today.

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