Burgundy Lipstick

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Don’t be afraid of dark shades and try a burgundy lipstick with an incredibly sensual effect! It will bring out your lips and make you look stunning. 

Which Burgundy Lipstick Should You Go for?

  • Pick a glossy or matte burgundy lipstick depending on the shape of your lips. Thin lips look better in light, glossy shades of burgundy, while full lips suit a matte, dark oxblood shade.
  • Choose the shade of your lipstick based on your skin tone. If you’re a cool type with pink undertones, you should go with a cool burgundy shade. Darker complexions will look amazing in burgundy lipstick with a subtle brown undertone.

Our tip: Need to make your lips look whiter? Shades of black cherry or dark-wine lipstick with blue undertone are your best bet!

How to Put on a Dark Burgundy Lipstick?

Just like any other dark shade, a burgundy lipstick might bring out your lips’ imperfections. Don’t underestimate the importance of good lip care and use a lip mask or lip scrub on a regular basis. But how should you apply the lipstick itself?

  • First, outline your lips with a lip liner in a shade similar to your lipstick.
  • Apply the first layer of lipstick.
  • Place a paper tissue on your lips and dust them with loose powder.
  • Proceed to apply a second layer of lipstick, and a layer of gloss if you want to.

Find your new moisturising or long-lasting burgundy lipstick by Mac, Rimmel, Lancôme, or other brand at notino.co.uk! Looking for more shades of lipstick for your beauty stash? Then try a popular coral, romantic pink, or classic red lipstick!