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A pink lipstick will make your lips stand out and look fabulous. It’s equally perfect for a subtle day look as well as a completely stunning evening look. For the best results, pick the right shade of long-lasting pink lipstick based on your skin tone. All you need is to find out which pink lipstick or long-lasting lip gloss will be the right for you, and how to wear it!

Which Shade of Pink Lipstick to Go for?

  • Raspberry pink or dark pink lipstick will look gorgeous on summer and winter types, accentuate the shape of your lips, and bring out contrasts – especially if you have light skin and dark hair.
  • Light pink lipstick is perfect for anyone with delicately pink skin, particularly one with freckles.
  • Coral pink lipstick with orange undertones looks amazing on any skin tone. This one will really suit everybody and you can wear it every single day.

Matte or Glossy Pink Lipstick?

A matte pink lipstick is great for an evening look or for colder days. During the summer, you should probably go with a moisturising glossy pink lipstick or gloss that will make your lips look utterly kissable. Summer is also the perfect time to use a waterproof pink lipstick that stays on even when you go for a swim.

Try a pink lipstick by Mac, Maybelline, Yves Saint Laurent or other brands. Looking for more colours to add to your stash? How about an orange or burgundy lipstick, or the best red lipstick?