Orange Lipstick

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Don’t shy away from orange lipstick and bring out your lips in the most unusual way. If you find the right shade that suits you, you’ll never want to wear anything else. Orange might not be as striking as red, but it brings out your tan and ties your whole makeup together.

Which Shade of Orange Lipstick Should You Go for?

  • Intense orange lipstick can make your teeth look whiter and give your makeup a special touch.
  • Bright orange lipstick will make you look more rested. It’s especially great for women with darker complexions.
  • Coral lipstick combines pink and orange shades and looks amazing on pretty much everyone – especially if you’re blonde with a light skin. It’s the ideal option for an everyday look.

Glossy or Matte Orange Lipstick?

During the summer months, go with a lighter texture and pick a moisturising orange lipstick or an orange lip gloss. Evening occasions allow for a long-lasting matte orange lipstick with higher pigmentation which accentuate the lips and give them an astonishing colour.

Not happy wearing orange all the time? Then get other shades – for instance a purple, subtle nude, or an extravagant black lipstick!