Face Glitter

Give your makeup look the right impact with glitter for face and eyes. It creates a dramatic look that will dazzle at every party, festival, or fancy dress.

Face glitter will make you shine!

Cosmetic glitter can be used as eyeshadow all over the eyelid or as an eyeliner. A glitter pallette will help you create interesting colour combinations. But glitter also looks amazing on cheekbones or on your lips. Accentuate the part of your face you want to stand out, and don’t be afraid to shine!

How to apply glitter to your eyes correctly?

Applying glitter is almost as easy as using regular eyeshadow. You’ll need a brush, an eyeshadow base, and your cosmetic glitter.

  • Apply the eyeshadow base to your entire eyelid to make your eye glitter last longer.
  • Put a paper tissue under your eye to prevent the fall-out from ruining the rest of your makeup look.
  • Makeup glitter usually comes in a loose form. Dampen your eyeshadow brush, pick up some glitter and apply it to your eyelid by pressing it in rather than blending.
  • Set your makeup with the right product and enjoy your look that will last through the whole party!

You can add some more shine with a highlighter. Apply it to your cheekbones, the tip of your nose, or in the inner corner of your eyes to brighten up your look.