False Eyelashes

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Do you want your lashes to be longer and thicker than they naturally are? Your dream of perfectly long lashes can now come true. Try false lashes and bring a little seductive drama into your look. No need to make a salon appointment – you can do it yourself in the comfort of your home. Enjoy maximum length and volume in a minimum amount of time!

How to use false eyelashes?

  • 1. Get a pair of tweezers and a lash glue.
  • 2. Pick up the lashes with the tweezers and apply the glue to the base of the base of the tuft or to the strip.
  • 3. Stick the lashes to your upper eyelid as close to the roots of your own lashes as possible.
  • 4. Press down gently.

Notino.co.uk carries top-quality fake lashes by Ardell or Artdeco as well as special lash glues. Find the best one and enjoy your longer and thicker lashes!