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Protect your skin from the sun and even out your skin tone. It only takes one product! Choose a foundation with SPF which takes care of you come summer or winter, because the sun can come out at any time, on the beach or on a hike. We’ve prepared a selection of the best products by brands like Estée Lauder, Vichy, or Max Factor. Find the best foundation with SPF just for you!

How much protection will an SPF foundation give you?

You’re probably familiar with SPF in sunscreen products. The factor indicates how long can you stay in the sun before your skin starts to burn – in contrast with how quickly you would start to burn without it. The result of course depends on your phototype and the intensity of the sunlight, so the number is always approximate. Nonetheless, SPF 50 allows you to stay in the sun longer than SPF 20.

Pick the right shade and texture of your foundation according to your skin type and the desired level of UV protection, and enjoy protecting your beautiful skin all year round.