Lash Glue

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Lash glue is an essential product if you want to extend your eyelashes. A good lash glue will help you secure your false lashes with precision and ease and make them stay in place all day long without irritating your skin.

How to Choose the Best Glue for Eyelashes?

Always pick according to the type of lashes and their purpose. If you’re just starting out using false lashes, go for a transparent lash glue that tends to dry slower so you don’t have to rush or worry about black smudges. However, if you’re looking for a dramatic and seductive effect, try a black lash glue that brings out your eyes and makes them even more striking!

Are your eyes quite sensitive? There’s no reason to forgo false lashes. Try a special lash glue for sensitive eyes that won’t irritate your eyes or your skin. For permanent lash extensions, use an extra durable glue for permanent lashes, while natural looking tufts will be best attached with a glue for tuft lashes.