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Want to have perfectly groomed brows that frame your face? Worried about hair above your upper lip or in your bikini area?

Then don’t underestimate the power of good cosmetic tweezers which help you get rid of unwanted hair easily and quickly.

Tweezers are made of different materials and come in different shapes. Plastic eyebrow tweezers are lighter, but they won’t last as long. Steel tweezers usually pluck the hair with much more precision.

Which type of tweezers do you need?

  • Slanted tweezers are ideal for eyebrow grooming because they grip the hair and pluck it out with ease.
  • Pointed tweezers will help you with ingrown hairs in your bikini area or between your eyebrows.
  • Straight tweezers pull out more hairs at once, making them suitable for all the areas where you don’t need much attention to detail and you want to get rid of all the hair – such as above your lip.

Tips for eyebrow grooming

  • Always groom your eyebrows after a shower. Your skin is warm and the hair will come out easier.
  • Before plucking your eyebrows, put the metal tweezers in the freezer. The cold steel will reduce skin irritation.
  • Pluck your eyebrows at night, before going to bed. That way your skin has the whole night to calm down.
  • Tweeze the hair from the bottom of your eyebrows. Unless absolutely necessary, don’t pluck the hair at the top of your brows.
  • Fill in your brows with a brow pencil, eyebrow shadow, eyebrow wax, or eyebrow tint, and create the perfect shape.

Find the best cosmetic tweezers according to your needs and enjoy your perfectly groomed look.