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Keep your skin nice and radiant! Men’s skin also deserves the right skin care, which is why we’re recommending the best moisturisers for men.

Try a moisturiser for men and prevent dry skin and first wrinkles.

Men’s skin tends to be more oily and coarse, and the pores are larger than on women’s complexion. That’s why it needs different skin care as well. Find your moisturiser for men with a nice scent.

Choose a moisturiser for men according to your skin type

Dry skin

  • Does your skin feel tight? Is it prone to itching and wrinkles?
  • Do you see flakiness after shaving?
  • Choose a calming moisturiser for men or an anti-wrinkle cream for men.

Oily skin

  • Are you often dealing with pimples and large pores?
  • Is your T-zone (chin, nose, and forehead) shiny?
  • Pick up a mattifying cream with antibacterial properties.

Normal skin

  • No pimples, no rash, no dryness, no excessive sensitivity? Congratulations! Any moisturiser for men will be suitable.

Trust the experts on skin care for men such as Bulldog or Nivea Men and enjoy a refreshed skin without zits, rash, or wrinkles!