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Dummy Ribbons and Chains with Secure Attachment

A handy dummy chain or clip will help you prevent the dummy from falling on the ground or getting lost in the pram! Dummy clips have a universal fit and can be attached to any type or brand of pacifier. Simply clip one end to your baby’s clothing or to the pram, and the other end to the dummy itself. Say goodbye to endless washing and sanitising of dirty dummies and find the best dummy clip today!

How to Choose a Dummy Clip?

When picking the right dummy clip, focus on the design and material as well as the method of attachment and the length of the ribbon or chain itself. In general, the chain shouldn’t be longer than 20cm to prevent it from getting wrapped around the baby’s head.

Material of Dummy Clips

Dummy clips are made of safe materials with different designs – it’s only up to you which one you choose.

  • Dummy clips made of fabric mostly use cotton or linen and come in a wide variety of colour combinations and motifs. A dummy ribbon is very handy, light, and doesn’t get in the way or pinch.
  • Plastic dummy clips and chains are made of safe BPA plastic and come in many playful designs. However, a plastic clip might be slightly uncomfortable for the baby in certain sleeping positions.
  • Silicone dummy clips are made of food-grade silicone and have a great longevity. They’re fantastic for travelling and can be found in a variety of different colours and designs.
  • Wooden dummy clips are mostly made of beech, maple or juniper wood. A wooden handle is very durable, has a characteristic pleasant scent and is carefully sanded in order to be perfectly safe for the baby.

Methods of Attaching the Clip to the Dummy

One end of the product has a clip you can easily attach to the pram or to your baby’s clothing – however, the specific methods of attaching the dummy can differ.

  • The most common one is a loop which connects the dummy to the chain or ribbon and allows it to move around. To use this method, simply thread the loop through the dummy’s handle and then thread the clip itself through the loop.
  • A hook allows you to attach the dummy with a mechanism that the baby cannot open.
  • Velcro will keep the dummy in the same position so that it’s easier for the baby to grab onto.

No more lost dummies – your baby will now be sporting a lovely dummy clip that doubles as a cute fashion accessory!