Pregnancy and Maternity Cosmetics

Pregnancy and Maternity Cosmetics
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Pregnancy and postpartum body care – how to choose the right products?

During pregnancy and after giving birth, you deserve the best quality cosmetics. The nine months of waiting for your baby and the first weeks afterwards are the right time to look for different products than you were used to. Your body is going through major changes, which is why you need to find the right cosmetics that will make your life easier.

Pregnancy Cosmetics

Pregnancy is about more than just your growing belly. Your entire body is reacting to the changes. Luckily, the right pregnancy cosmetic products will help you sail through this time without problem.

Pregnancy Skin Care

  • Hormonal changes in your body can manifest in the form of acne, enlarged pores or excessive sebum production. It’s normal for your skin to get worse during pregnancy.
  • If you want to do the best for your skin, choose skin care that targets your problem while featuring the simplest possible ingredients list. Natural oils are amazing at soothing the skin. You should also choose gentle makeup removers and never forget to use good sun protection.

Pregnancy Body Care

  • Your belly will go through great changes during pregnancy. This is why you should start using a pregnancy stretch-mark cream around the 3d month. It doesn’t matter if you prefer a cream or an oil – moisturising your skin on a regular basis is always a great idea.
  • The skin of your body tends to be quite dry during pregnancy, so make sure to moisturise all of it. Focus especially on your nipples, particularly towards the end of pregnancy. A good nipple cream will prepare them for the time after you give birth.
  • Perineal massage before childbirth is a very good way to avoid the need to cut the perineum. A perineal massage oil makes the skin exceptionally supple, while the massage itself improves blood circulation and relaxes the area.
  • Your regular hair care might not work for you during your pregnancy. If your hair’s getting oilier, try specialised products for oily hair. It’s best to pick the most natural products available. You might also experience hair loss, which is why you should make sure that you have enough vitamins and minerals in your diet, and that you’re getting enough sleep.
  • Intimate hygiene during pregnancy is especially important. Wash your intimate area with lukewarm water and use special intimate washes for pregnancy with natural pH. A clean cotton towel is the best way to wipe yourself dry.

Ingredients to avoid in pregnancy cosmetics:

  • high content of retinol (vitamin A) and salicylic acid
  • soy and aromatic essential oils (e.g. bergamot, sage, rosemary...)
  • anti-cellulite creams with a firming effect
  • aluminium and phthalates (often present in hairspray or antiperspirants)
  • formaldehyde and toluene (often present in nail varnish)

Cosmetics for New Mothers

If you’ve taken good care of your body during pregnancy, it will make your life much easier after giving birth. You’ll be dealing with minimal stretch marks (if any) and your nipples will be ready for nursing. Cosmetics for new mothers also have a number of specifics: 

  • Breastfeeding is extremely harsh on your nipples, so you should pay extra attention to them. Nipple balms, creams and nipple ointments are ideal products to regenerate this sensitive area, and you’ll soon find them completely indispensable.
  • Just like during pregnancy, cosmetic essentials for new mothers should also include an intimate wash so you can clean your private area thoroughly yet gently.
  • The hyperpigmentation you might have developed during pregnancy usually goes away on its own. If you want to stop it from ever coming back, don’t forget to regularly use sunscreen on your face as well as your body.

Every new or expecting mother should take even better care of her body than before. The right cosmetic products for pregnancy and nursing will hep you feel amazing under any circumstances.