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Nail Kits: All You Need for a Gorgeous Manicure in One Place

Show off your flawless manicure and pedicure! A professional nail kit will help you achieve fantastic results in the comfort of your home. A good nail kit contains everything you need for putting on nail varnish, gel nails, or to trim your cuticles. Just take your pick!

What Types of Nail Kits Do We Offer?

Looking for a professional gel nail kit? Some great manicure tools? Or just dreaming of a collection of colourful nail varnishes? Find the best nail kit today!

  • A manicure kit usually includes nail scissors or nail clippers, nail file for a perfect shape, tweezers, and a cuticle remover. We carry manicure sets for women and stylish manicure kits for men which make a wonderful gift.
  • Nail varnish sets offer a wide selection of shades so you can always perfectly match your outfit or your current mood. You can also use several different nail varnishes at once and enjoy a nice colourful manicure. If you want your nail varnish to last as long as possible, try a set of gel nail varnishes with great longevity.
  • A comprehensive nail art kit usually contains gel varnishes as well as a UV or LED lamp, a nail file, a de-greasing product, and other tools necessary for the perfect gel manicure. We offer gel nail kits for beginners as well as a professional nail kit for experienced nail artists.

Our tip: A gift set of nail varnishes will be the perfect present for your friend, sister, girlfriend or mother – especially if they like keeping their nails flawless.

Whether you’re shopping for a luxury manicure set, a gel nail kit or a set of nail varnishes, we offer the best products by popular brands like NeoNail, Semilac Paris or Bohemia Crystal. Enjoy your perfect manicure every day!