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NEONAIL Base/Top 2in1 base and top coat for gel nails
NEONAIL Base/Top 2in1 base and top coat for gel nails
Type of Nail Varnishbase coat, top coat , UV/LED polish
Effectshiny, long-lasting

The NeoNail Base/Top 2in1 base and top coat in one offers a versatile solution for at-home manicures. It ensures perfect adhesion of coloured polish and at the same time prolongs the durability of the manicure up to 21 days. Additionally, it gives your nails a dazzling shine. In short, the perfect tool for at-home manicures - because manicured hands are your calling card. 


  • adheres perfectly to the nail plate
  • creates the perfect base for every manicure
  • extends the life of a manicure for up to 21 days
  • ensures a perfect glossy finish
  • protects the manicure from flaking

How to apply:
Adjust the shape of the nail, remove any impurities and grease. Apply a thin layer of NeoNail and cure under the LED/UV lamp. Then apply a colour polish and cure again. Finally, apply a final coat of NeoNail base and top coat and cure once more. 

NEONAILBase/Top 2in1 base and top coat for gel nails

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Wednesday 24/04/2024
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Wednesday 24/04/2024