Olay beauty products | The Olay beauty brand was born under peculiar circumstances.


The first Olay product was developed by a chemist named Graham Wuff as a present for his wife who was finding moisturisers of their time too greasy and uncomfortable to apply. This little discovery took place in the 50s in South Africa - since then, Olay has become one of the most respected companies in the industry.

At first, Wuff and his business partner Jack Lowe advertised their products in a very unusual way. The packaging didn’t state the ingredients or the purpose of the product, instead featuring phrases like “We will share with you the secret to eternal youth”. Many adverts looked like genuine newspaper articles and included advice and recommendations by a fictitious journalist called Margaret Merril. Pretty soon, people started asking about the Olay products themselves.

Olay values the quality of ingredients above all else. Every year, the company performs hundreds of thousands of experiments designed to test if their products are completely medically safe. All the ingredients need to go through a vigourous selection process. Some lines are based on the soothing properties of Aloe Vera and cucumber while others use sea fennel and other plants.

The Olay philosophy is quite simple - to always reflect women’s changing needs and offer them the best that is currently available in the world of skin care. To prove that they’ve been successful in their efforts, the brand has so far collected several prestigious beauty awards. The Olay Regenerist was for instance voted the best anti-aging cream in 2006. 

Olay is here for everyone who wants excellent skin care for a reasonable price.

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