Tongue Scraper

Remove the bacteria from your tongue and enjoy having fresh breath! After using a toothbrush, mouth wash, and dental floss, use a tongue scraper  to remove the film from your tongue and prevent bacteria from spreading.

Why use a tongue scraper?

Over the course of the day, bacteria settles and decomposes on the surface of your tongue, causing an unpleasant odour. This is why, along with cleaning your teeth and the spaces between them, you also need to remove the film from your tongue. It only takes an hour for the bacteria to start corroding your tooth enamel.

The unpleasant film on your tongue is most noticeable in the morning. That’s because during the night, your body expels toxins which settle on the tongue as a white layer. To prevent them from getting back into your body with food or drink, clean your tongue right after you wake up by using a tongue scraper.

How to remove the coating from your tongue?

Using a tongue scraper is easy: Scrape your tongue back and forth using longue motions. When you reach the tip of your tongue, rinse the tongue scraper under running water and repeat until your tongue is perfectly clean.

Notino carries both rubber and plastic tongue scrapers that will efficiently remove the residual film on your tongue. Whatever material you go for, you will always be able to remove the bacteria from your tongue more effectively than with a toothbrush. Use a good tongue scraper by Curaprox or G.U.M at least twice a week before brushing your teeth. Don’t forget to also use a mouth wash, and enjoy a full day of freshness!