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Original & Mineral

Original & Mineral

Environmentally responsible and gentle beauty products, safe formulas, natural extracts, essential oils and minerals are the main characteristics of Original & Mineral. The brand was founded in Australia out of a need for pure hair care without unnecessary synthetic ingredients. This turns their styling and hair-care products into a lovely experience without a risk of irritation or damage from aggressive ingredients.


The Original & Mineral products represent an unprecedented effort to bridge the gap between luxurious hair care and natural cosmetics – an idea conceived in 2000 by Jose Bryce Smith. Joined by her colleague who suffered from contact dermatitis and couldn’t find any high-end cosmetics that wouldn’t irritate his skin, Jose opened an organic hair salon in Sydney, the first of its kind in Australia. Eventually they started developing their own products and in 2010 they finally launched the O&M Method line focused on hair care and styling without sulphates, triclosan and three other harmful ingredients.

The gentle yet very effective and functional formulas of Original & Mineral hair care have become popular in Australia as well as all over the world. Customers especially love their high concentrations of extracts from Australian plants such as syzygium, banksia, desert quandong, Tasmanian kelp or Davidson’s plum. You can try for instance the O&M Project Sukuroi hair balm to perfectly smooth down dry and damaged hair, or the Original & Mineral Style Guru styling cream that’s perfect for taming unruly tresses. And let’s not forget about the stellar Original & Mineral Dry Queen dry shampoo!

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