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Parfums De Marly Cassili eau de parfum for women
Parfums De Marly Cassili eau de parfum for women
Parfums De Marly Cassili eau de parfum for women
Top notes
Red Currant, Bulgarian Rose, Floral Notes
Middle notes
Plum, Mimosa, Frangipani, Petalia
Base notes
Sandalwood, Tonka Beans, Vanilla
Fragrance categoryfruity, floral

This radiant scent is a harmonious blend of velvety fruits and pastel flowers sprinkled with the warmth of vanilla and wood. Experience the sheer joy and spontaneous allure of Parfums De Marly Cassili eau de parfum, a truly irresistible and delectable fragrance that will sweep you off your feet. With its joyful and sparkling nature, Cassili embodies a celebration of life, a manifesto for the new generation of aesthetes seeking unique and original olfactory experiences.

  • amber floral fragrance for women
  • perfect for warmer days 
  • launched in 2019

Composition of the fragrance
At the top, the playful dance of juicy red currant, exquisite Bulgarian rose, and ethereal, transparent white flowers creates a vibrant and refreshing opening, like a burst of joyous laughter. In the heart, the notorious plum accord takes center stage, adding an anti-conformist and indulgent twist to the fragrance. Mimosa's absolute, alluring plumeria and enchanting petals complement this sweet and captivating heart, infusing it with a sense of elegance and charm. The base notes of creamy sandalwood, rich tonka beans, and luscious vanilla pod anchor the composition with a warm and sensual embrace. Like a gentle caress, these notes leave a lasting impression, creating a smooth and velvety dry down that lingers on the skin.

Story of the fragrance
Best suited for spring and summer days, Cassili is the perfect accessory to accompany you on your joyous and carefree adventures. The bottle, with its peach-colored body, tassels, and apricot glossed and encrusted stopper, mirrors the wearer –⁠ appetizing, elegant, and sensual. The selection of exceptional quality materials and innovative molecules challenges traditional olfactory pyramids, resulting in a fragrance that expertly interacts, blossoms, and blends once it meets your skin.

Parfums De MarlyCassili eau de parfum for women

75 ml

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Thursday 25/04/2024
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Thursday 25/04/2024