PMD Beauty

The American brand PMD Beauty brings you a smart cleansing device to help you perform effective cosmetic procedures in the comfort of your own home. Simple and safe. PMD Beauty’s motto #BrilliantConfidence expresses amazing self-confidence because the company values their customers’ happiness before all else. As Sam Alexander, the CEO of PMD Beauty, says: “We believe that our brand can help anyone love themselves the way they are”. Because a person who’s happy in their own skin finds it much easier to also be happy with their appearance. The PMD Beauty expert team has invented the first hand-held microdermabrasion (mechanical removal of dead skin cells) device for home use. Its patented rotating disc and a system of vacuum suction have brought a true revolution to the world of home skincare treatments. The Holy Grail of the brand is the PMD Beauty Microderm Classic vacuum cleansing device which helps you with small imperfections and leaves your skin perfectly clear and soft. Customers all over the world also love the unique PMD Beauty Kiss lip plumper with a patented pulsating-vacuum technology – the first anti-ageing device for lips.

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