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Revlon Cosmetics Super Lustrous™ creamy lipstick
Revlon Cosmetics Super Lustrous™ creamy lipstick
Revlon Cosmetics Super Lustrous™ creamy lipstick
Active ingredientsvitamin C, aloe vera, vitamin E

Rich colour and protection against chapped lips thanks to a creamy, nourishing lipstick.

Do you dream of a bold, continuous layer of colour on your lips but also want to avoid unpleasant dryness? The Revlon Cosmetics Super Lustrous™ cream lipstick enhances your lips with sensual colour, while the nourishing formula delivers the hydration and nourishment you need. Accentuate the natural beauty of your lips while ensuring long-lasting comfort.


  • coats the lips with a continuous layer of rich, intense colour in one stroke
  • moisturises, prevents drying and protects against cracking
  • is light, does not cake or form overly strong layers, doesn’t clump
  • the creamy texture provides a lasting feeling of comfort
  • nourishes and pampers lips
  • leaves lips soft, smooth, and supple


  • avocado oil – moisturises and soothes, relieves chapping, prevents dryness
  • vitamin E – has an antioxidant effect, protects against harmful external factors
  • micro pigments – deliver a rich colour, yet feel light and comfortable on the lips

How to apply:
Apply the Revlon Cosmetics Super Lustrous™ lipstick evenly over the entire lips. Start from the centre and then use gentle strokes to fill in the rest of the lips to the corners. To achieve a more defined lip, outline the lips first using a lipliner pencil.

Notino tip:
Do you have issues with dry lips and peeling skin? Before using the Revlon Cosmetics Super Lustrous™ lipstick, gently exfoliate your lips. This leaves them smooth and perfectly prepared for makeup.

Revlon CosmeticsSuper Lustrous™ creamy lipstick