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About Sanoflore

Meet Sanoflore – a French brand of luxury natural cosmetics which turn your body-care and skin-care routines into a lovely experience. Their formulas are based on herbs and plants sourced from eco-farming and all their products are certified organic, free of silicones and artificial colourants.


The history of the French brand Sanoflore began back in 1972 when a small group of avid botanists and farmers created the Sanoflore botanical garden in the heart of the Vercors National Park. After 14 years, they opened a lab of the same name which specialises in physical therapy and aromatherapy.

Sanoflore makes sure to control the entire manufacturing process including the crops used for raw materials in their products. The essences are obtained through steam distillation under low pressure, which ensures a much higher quality than with synthetic essences. All the products of this French beauty brand also have a lovely scent to soothe your mind while taking care of your skin. 

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