Crackle wick candles

Dreaming of a home filled with a lovely aroma, one that you’ll always love to return to? Discover the magic of a scented candle with a wooden wick that gives out a light crackling sound while burning, reminiscent of the sound of firewood. These candles will give your home a magical aroma and their beautiful design will make the room look stylish. Delight your senses and try the gorgeous crackling candles by Woodwick, Paddywax, or DW Home.


How to enjoy the aroma of a crackle-wick candle?

Place the scented crackle-wick candle on a heat-proof surface and light it. Let the candle burn for a maximum of 4 hours and never let it burn down to the bottom.

Find a crackle-wick candle with a scent you like the best. Will it be fresh, floral, gourmand, or woody?

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