Face Mask Application Brush

Face mask application brush
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Why Get a Face Mask Application Brush?

Make the application of a face mask even more enjoyable! Many of us absolutely love to occasionally take a moment and apply a nice cream or clay mask. Most of the time, we put it on with our hands – which is a pity, because a good brush designed for the application of a face mask has multiple benefits.

  • The first benefit is an easier prep. If you pick a double-ended face mask brush, one of the ends is usually made of silicone and mostly designed for face, but you can also use it to stir the mask before application (for instance if you’re suing a clay mask that needs to be mixed with water).
  • Another great thing is that it allows for a more precise application. You can easily pick up the perfect amount of product and apply it only to the areas where you want it while avoiding for instance your hairline and your eye area. Face mask brushes come in various sizes, so use a bigger one for larger areas and a smaller one for precise application in the crevices of your face.
  • Unlike your fingers, a dedicated brush will apply your mask evenly, and as thick or thin as you want. If your brush comes with a silicone part, you can use it for the initial application and then spread the product more evenly with the bristles.
  • Comfort of use is another benefit of a face mask brush. No more greasy smudges on your hands! Just a clean, lovely, professional-looking application to your face, neck and décolleté.
  • And let’s not forget that a brush will apply your facial mask in a much cleaner way. When you use your hands, you can never be a 100% sure that your fingers and nails are really completely clean – however, a freshly washed brush passes the hygiene standards with flying colours.

Choosing the right facial mask brush is not a rocket science – you really can’t go wrong. The only thing you need to keep in mind is to wash your brush thoroughly after every use and let it dry before you put it back. So, if you want to use face masks more often but you haven’t been able to stick to a routine, try a nice application brush for face masks! It will make the entire process lovelier and turn it into a ritual you’ll always look forward to.