Lip plumpers

Thinking about how to enlarge your lips because you haven’t been blessed with lips as full as you’d like?

Forget about vacuum lip plumpers or invasive cosmetic procedures. Try painless lip plumpers to make your lips plumper at home.

How do lip plumpers work?

Products to plump up your lips (aka lip plumpers) contain ingredients that stimulate the circulation of blood in your lips. This causes slight tingling, reddening and, most importantly, increased lip volume. After a while, the tingling wears off and you’ll end up with fuller lips for hours.

Although the optical enlargement of the lips only lasts for a few hours, it’s easy enough to magic them up again. Just keep your lip plumping balm with you in your handbag and recoat your lips whenever you need to. Alongside balms and lip plumping serums, we also stock the best lip plumping gloss and lip plumping lipstick.