Makeup Remover Oil

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Nature always has the best answers – so why go for anything synthetic? A cleansing oil binds all impurities and makeup, cleaning your skin without unnecessary stress.

Why Use an Oil Cleanser?

What’s amazing about oil cleansers is that they’re suitable for all skin types, they don’t cause dryness or irritation and can remove even waterproof makeup! And if you use the correct method, cleansing your skin with an oil won’t even leave an oily residue.

Not to mention all the other things that a natural oil cleanser can do for you: It can be used as a very effective purifying oil which removes expelled toxins and residual makeup overnight. You can cleanse your skin with oil every morning, thus preventing clogged pores, oily skin and a number of other skin problems.

How to Remove Your Makeup with an Oil?

Makeup removal with an oil can be done in two ways:

  • With a cotton pad: Soak the cotton pad in warm water, squeeze it out, apply a few drops of oil and then remove your makeup.
  • With massage and a face cloth: Pour a few drops of the oil into your palms, apply it to your skin and massage your face gently. Then soak your face cloth or towel in hot water, place it on your face and gently wipe off the oil along with your makeup.

What’s a Hydrophilic Oil Cleanser?

A hydrophilic oil cleanser is a type of oil which easily binds excess sebum and residual makeup and on contact with water creates a milky emulsion you can easily rinse off without leaving any oily film on your skin. Hydrophilic oils are neutral, making them suitable for any skin type including sensitive skin. Another benefit is that they don’t disturb the natural film on your skin, plus they prevent dehydration and other skin problems.

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