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About Skin79

Skin79 cosmetics from Korea strive to become your skin’s best friend. In fact, the number “79” in Korean sounds like the word for “friends” – which perfectly describes how indispensable this brand will become in your life. Skin79 skin care offers top quality, immediate effects and gentle formulas which use natural ingredients to help you discover the beauty secrets of Korean men and women.


Few of us could imagine our everyday go-to makeup routine without a multi-purpose BB cream. But did you know that Skin79 was one of the first that popularised this type of product? Ever since its beginnings back in 2004, the brand has been manufacturing BB creams – and these days it keeps on producing innovative cosmetics based on in-depth research, technological innovations developed in Korean laboratories, and unusual solutions using the power of herbs and traditional Eastern formulas.

Discover the effects of Korean beauty that has taken over the world. Try for instance the Skin79 BB Cream Super+ Beblesh Balm – this tinted cream comes in a moisturising, brightening or anti-blemish formula. Other bestsellers among BB creams include the Skin79 Dark Panda BB Cream and the Skin79 Angry Cat BB Cream. And let’s not forget the Skin79 Jeju Aloe moisturising and soothing cream which has become a particular hit in recent years thanks to its 99% content of aloe vera.

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