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Sospiro Perfumes

Discover Sospiro Perfumes - the exclusive combination of music and elegance with a wink to the Middle East!! The artistic idea behind Sospiro is to connect Italian tradition with theatrical opera and classical compositions. These perfumes were specially crafted to be luxurious and only contain the finest and rare ingredients. Enrich your perfume collection today!

About Sospiro

Designer Sergio Momo, inspired by the art of classical music and opera, has produced a provocative, sophisticated and exceptional perfume line. These fragrances have both the impact yet subtlety of a concerto and help to define the wearer and show charisma.

Momo had already created a successful perfume brand Xerjoff Perfumes. After the success of Xerjoff, a perfume brand based on music was a new and quite wonderful direction for Momo to travel. In 2011, he created the music-themed Sospiro perfumes that are already making waves in the luxury world of niche fragrances. As well as sound, Momo was inspired by the Italian Alps, where his family used to take him as a child.

At Notino you will find a wide range of these masterful perfume creations ready to help you make a statement in an everyday life.

Sospiro Perfume and Aftershave

Sospiro perfumes provide a range of fragrances for women as well as unisex perfumes that will inspire and take everyone’s breath away! They allow its wearer to be confident in any given situation, always promoting the best traits to those around. The scent of Sospiro perfumes is always uplifting even if undertones are seductive and little provocative. Sospiro fragrances inspired by beauty and sophistication of opera contain the finest materials to make the olfactory experience even more luxurious and special. Focusing on the artistic approach, they are created by internationally recognized perfumers throughout Europe, always under the guidance of Xerjoff Perfumes.

Sospiro Eau de Parfum has a higher concentration of perfume oils making the middle and top notes dominant and long-lasting. All fragrances from the collection are suitable for everyday wear as well as making you stand out on special occasions.

Sospiro Eau de Parfum for Women

Sospiro perfume excites all the perfume enthusiasts and fragrance collectors. Each scent is unique and all the carefully selected ingredients weave together creating harmonious perfume composition underlining the charisma of its wearer.

Sospiro Accento Eau de Parfum for Women 

The Sospiro Accento fragrance embodies intense luxury. Let the music of amber, pink pepper, and pineapple dance in this seductive composition. Let your natural fragrance sing.

Sospiro Capriccio Eau de Parfum for Women 

The Sospiro Capriccio perfume is the music of romance as the oriental and floral aromas combine to produce the scent of spring and summer. Its light fruitiness will intoxicate.

Sospiro Duetto Eau de Parfum for Women 

For the woman who is in a great place in her life, this Sospiro Duetto perfume accentuates your natural femininity. Nothing beats organic, natural femininity.

Sospiro Eau de Parfum Unisex

Sergio Momo has developed scents that are suitable for both, men and women. These luxurious compositions pay homage to a long Italian heritage of perfume creating, with a beautiful twist of finest and rarest ingredients.

Sospiro Ouverture Eau de Parfum Unisex 

For the independent free thinker, let the exotic ingredients of amber, frankincense, jasmine, and magnolia in Sospiro Ouverture conduct your song but never your mind.

Sospiro Opera Eau de Parfum Unisex 

Compose your own opera and let your story unfold your way with this oriental, floral Sospiro Opera perfume. It is one that people will want over and over and again.

Sospiro Diapason Eau de Parfum Unisex 

The floral woody aroma of Sospiro Diapason created with the fusion of amber, vetiver, and cedar says sophisticated independence. Just like you.

Discover Your Signature Sospiro Unisex Scent

Sospiro creates bold perfumes that make potent statements like the music that inspires them. That said they also have refinement and subtlety

Which Sospiro fragrance to try first?

  • Woody Sospiro fragrance – If you like the idea of wild forest and alpine effect with a delicate combination with summer meadows, reach for a woody scent. Sospiro Laylati and Sospiro Diapason leave a woody aroma on your skin for hours.
  • Oriental Sospiro fragrance – The evocative aromas of the orient are captured in Sospiro Opera. Let your concerto embody a true mystery and keep people guessing.
  • Fruity Sospiro fragrance – Fruity fragrance is playful, light, and wonderful for long hot summer days. To emanate this fragrance, try Sospiro Ouverture and play your own musical movement.
  • Floral Sospiro fragrance – Capture the aromas of the outdoors and be both playful and wild. The intoxicating floral aroma blooms in Sospiro Ouverture and Sospiro Diapason fragrances.
  • Aromatic Sospiro fragrance – Delight those around you as your engaging aroma helps you make an entrance. Consider Sospiro Laylati unisex fragrance if you’re a man or woman to make that impression today!

Experiment and enjoy the scent journey!

Find your Sospiro ‘symphony’ at and let these exclusive carefully crafted scents boost your confidence, creativity and lust for life!