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These products developed by the pioneers of modern barbering are rewriting the rules of men’s hair styling. STMNT Grooming Goods is an American brand that offers professional beard and hair care combining top quality and tradition with an unconventional lifestyle.


The story of STMNT began in 2020 when the brand was founded by creative barbers and innovators Julius Arriola, Sofie Pok and Miguel Gutierrez. They joined forces and used the experience from hair salons and barbershops all over the world to create new styling and hair care products. All of their inspiration, knowledge and passion for grooming have been adapted to express their point of view and a clear statement. This is also where the name STMNT comes from.

STMNT is a modern and dynamic brand with a definite meaning and direction. Its founders believe that it is necessary to push boundaries and do things in a different and better way. This is why their products have exceptional formulas with flawless results. Try STMNT beard oil, STMNT shampoo and other cosmetic products to prep your hair and beard for styling with STMNT mattifying paste, STMNT dry clay or STMNT fibre pomade.

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