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Swissdent Extreme Whitening mouthwash with whitening effect
Swissdent Extreme Whitening mouthwash with whitening effect

Support the effect of your toothpaste. The Swissdent Extreme whitening mouthwash ensures long-lasting fresh breath and whitens teeth from day to day. The patented Oxygard® technology, tested in universal studies, has a proven lightening effect and also accelerates whitening with Swissdent toothpastes. Try the Swiss number one in dental care and dazzle those around you with your radiant white smile.


  • removes the smell of cigarettes, alcohol and food
  • has a long-lasting, refreshing effect
  • gently whitens teeth with every use
  • eliminates the formation of plaque
  • protects the gums
  • accelerates the whitening effects of Swissdent toothpaste


  • patented Oxygard® technology – whitens the surface of your teeth effectively

How to apply:
rinse your mouth out with a quarter of a cup of the mouthwash and spit out. Do not swallow. Do not have anything to eat or drink for at least an hour after use. Ideal for use before bed. For best results, use with Swissdent whitening toothpaste.

SwissdentExtreme Whitening mouthwash with whitening effect

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