Versace Eros

Deodorant Stick for Men 75 ml

Versace Eros Deodorant Stick for Men 75 ml
Versace Eros Deodorant Stick for Men 75 ml
Versace Eros Deodorant Stick for Men 75 ml
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Deodorant Stick for Men 75 ml

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Thursday 4/25/2019
Versace Eros
Deodorant Stick for Men 75 ml | £16.68

Fragrance description Versace Eros

The Versace Eros Eros perfumed deodorant stick is a great complement to the fragrance from the same collection. The solid deodorant prevents unpleasant perspiration effectively, takes care of the sensitive skin under the arms and leaves it smelling fragrant for hours.

About the brand Versace

Versace perfumes | The Versace brand was founded in 1978 by Gianni Versace, a young man from one of the poorest regions of Southern Italy. Ever since he was a young boy, Gianni’s had an eccentric and progressive sense of style. He liked being provocative, and his outrageousness soon drew in major celebrities who started favouring his designs.

Gianni Versace became a celebrity in his own right, travelling the world and building his brand. Unfortunately, in 1993, he was diagnosed with a rare inner ear cancer. After going through a successful treatment, Versace started delegating more work to his associates and spend his time with family and friends. Four years later, Gianni Versace was shot dead by a man whose motives were never quite explained. The killer managed to murder a person, but he did not destroy Versace’s legacy by any means - the brand went on to be ever more successful under Gianni’s sister Donatella.

Now you can find Versace boutiques in more than 80 countries in the world - or you can order iconic perfumes like the Versace pour Homme or Versace Bright Crystal from the comfort of your home.

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