The brand was founded in 1978 by Gianni Versace, who had been very progressive and eccentric since his teenage years. Versace quickly developed into a charismatic and world-famous designer, growing beyond fashion very soon. Versace has become a leading international fashion house and a symbol of Italian luxury and timeless fashion throughout the world.


Versace mens aftershave and Versace ladies perfume reflect passion, seduction and provocation. You can also feel a love of Italian tradition and family heritage within them. Famous perfume masters stand behind each of the unique Versace fragrances, having created perfect fragrance compositions. The first Versace perfume – Gianni Versace for Women – was launched in 1981, with the entire portfolio today including over 50 eaux de toilette and eaux de parfum. Smell Versace perfume for yourself – unbridled fragrance with an Italian temperament.

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