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How to get rid of acne once and for all? The right treatment includes a healthy lifestyle as well as quality skin care including specialised anti-acne products!

Every anti-acne regimen stars with a good cleanser. You can pick a cleansing gel, soap or toner designed specially for acne-prone skin. Every once in a while you should also use a gentle exfoliator to remove dead skin cells and speed up the skin renewal process. Make sure not to use products containing alcohol because they tend to dry the skin out. It’s also important not to touch your face during the day as you could be spreading bacteria to an already inflamed skin.

After cleansing, your skin needs some hydration provided by a moisturiser or a serum for acne-prone skin. About once a week, you should also use an anti-blemish mask to give your skin some noursihment. If you suffer from severe acne, we also have high-impact spot treatments that heal existing spots and prevent scarring. Finally, you might want to include a tinted moisturiser for acne-prone skin in your everyday beauty routine.

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