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Air Freshener and Fabric Freshener

Enjoy your favourite fragrance whenever and wherever you want to. An air freshener brings a lovely vibe to any space. We offer air fresheners, laundry fresheners, wardrobe fragrance and fragrance boosters for washing machines with lovely aromas to make your day better!

How to Choose a Home Air Freshener

Pick the right type of freshener depending on the way and location where you want to use it. Do you need fragrance for your laundry, bathroom, wardrobe or living room?

  • Scented pearls are great for smaller rooms such as bathroom, walk-in wardrobe or hallway.
  • Wardrobe freshener or laundry freshener add fragrance to your clothes after the scent of your fabric softener has disappeared. They can also freshen up your clothing when you don’t have the time to do laundry. Try scented wardrobe sachets, scented cards and other wardrobe fresheners.
  • An air freshener adds a sense of cosiness or freshness to any room. Apart from a room spray, you can also use a stylish aroma diffuser that doubles as a lovely piece of home decor.
  • A laundry scent booster gives your clothes a nice, intense aroma you’ll notice immediately after opening your washing machine.
  • WC fresheners are simply a must – the most popular one being air freshener spray. However, you can also use fresheners in the form of gel pads or scented cards. offers floral, fruity, gourmand, refreshing and herbal scents so you can easily pick your favourite depending on your preferences, your mood, or the occasion. Surround yourself with a soothing aroma of lavender, the sweet scent of vanilla, or the romantic scent of jasmine!

Our tip: Looking for a modern way to fill your home with fragrance? Try an electric air freshener that also works as a stylish home accessory. Get a quality ultrasonic diffuser or an electric aroma diffuser.

So which laundry freshener or air freshener will you go for?