In-Wash Fragrance Boosters

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Make Your Laundry Smell Nice with Fragrance Boosters

Your laundry and bedding can now have a lovely, long-lasting scent, because in-wash scent boosters last longer than the aroma of a fabric softener. The essence penetrates the fabric and leaves behind a gorgeous scent during drying as well as wearing.

Fragrance Boosters or Fabric Softener?

Unlike a fabric softener, a fragrance booster for washing machines usually comes in a smaller, more compact packaging that lasts for several dozen washes – however, its scent stays on your clothes much longer. The fragrance penetrates into the fabric and doesn’t dissolve in water. This means that it doesn’t wash out and the beautiful scent will last and last.

Pick your favourite fragrance booster at and make it part of your everyday life. We have woody, sweet, floral, herbal and fresh fragrance boosters that will make the scent of fresh laundry stay with you for many days.