Bath Salt

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Relax with the gorgeous aroma of a bath salt

Bath salt will help you relax and deal with a number of different skin issues. Simply run yourself a nice bath, take off your clothes and your worries, and enjoy your home spa treatment.

We have the best bath salts from Dead Sea, bath salts with magnesium or with the aroma of lavender, roses and eucalyptus, and special bath salts for your feet.

Why Use Bath Salt?

  • Bath salts offer more than just relaxation (even though their amazing scent is absolutely perfect for that). They also have regenerating properties, because salt is rich in natural minerals which help reduce the symptoms of various skin problems.
  • Lavender bath salt is easily one of the most popular kinds of bath salt. It has amazing soothing effects while preventing muscle cramps and rheumatoid pain.
  • Dead Sea salt is another popular type of product, especially for helping with acne and psoriasis. Sea salt for bath also combats stress and migraines, helps detoxify your body and reduces feet perspiration.
  • And let’s not forget about magnesium bath salt. As the name suggests, this type of bath salt is rich in magnesium and has wonderful effects on skin problems, rheumatism and arthritis, muscle cramps, joint pain and menstrual pain.

Find the best bath salt at a fantastic price and pamper your body and mind the way they deserve!

Our tip: Try also one of the popular bath bombs or bubble baths and treat yourself to a relaxing bath experience.