Most popular fragrance notes

March 6, 2019Notino
Do you buy your perfumes by brand? Or maybe you decide based on the perfumer or the colour of the bottle? As women, we like to pick our fragrances in many different ways, but going after specific notes might be the simplest one of them. So which essences are the most popular?



Rose is delicate but captivating. When paired with other flowers such as violet or freesia, it turns into a romantic note and inspires the gentle side of our partner to come out. However, it can also be passionate when combined for instance with the seductive note of jasmine.

TOP rose fragrances: For day wear, try the Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Rosa Rossa where the rose note pairs beautifully with peony. For special occasions, you can go with Lancôme Trésor Midnight Rose. So unconventional!


Fragrances with jasmine are bursting with sex-appeal, joy and a vivacious temperament in its purest form. Absolutely perfect for a spring seduction!

Unforgettable jasmine fragrances: The very modern and joyful JOY by Dior is perfect especially for day wear, while the Hugo Boss: Boss Nuit will be your perfect jasmine companion for evening occasions...


As soon as there is but a drop of vanilla in the perfume, everyone goes wild. Why? Because vanilla is a natural aphrodisiac that inspires euphoria. It’s flirty, seductive, but also warm and harmonising. And when it binds with a delicious woody note, it’s simply fate!

Popular vanilla fragrances: Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium Intense has a head full of absinthe, a heart made of liquorice and a base built on vanilla with sandalwood and coffee. If you’re after something more delicate, you can also try Jil Sander Simply Poudrée.


A juicy pear is the fragrance synonym of optimism. It’s fresh, inviting, and brings a big dose of energy to every perfume. Paired with a few spicy notes, it becomes incredibly seductive! Best pear fragrances: In the Armani Sì Passione, you’ll find pear in combination with blackcurrant and spicy pink pepper that will enchant you straight from the beginning! Or try Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh Sunshine for a more playful pear fragrance...

Orange Blossom

Orange blossom essence is used in aromatherapy to help clear your mind and calm the nerves. Used in a fragrance, it will make every moment special and every move or smile more seductive.

Best orange blossom fragrances: Narciso Rodriguez For Her Pure Musc attacks all senses at once! This clean and deep fragrance can be layered with any other perfume from the “For Her” line. Montale Orange Flowers is refreshing like a little siesta under an orange tree and will prove wrong anyone who thinks of niche fragrances as “too heavy”.


Sandalwood in a fragrance usually means oriental influences, spiciness, but also earthy notes of leather and fern. Still, sandalwood is not just great for aftershaves – it’s also fantastic to give women’s perfumes an air of confidence, inner calm and harmony.

Enchanting sandalwood fragrances: Cacharel Yes I Am might start with raspberry and then continue with rose, but it’s also playing around with ginger and sandalwood in the base. You can also try the intoxicating aura of Jean Paul Gaultier and his Scandal By Night.

Unusual Essences

If you’re looking for something unconventional in your fragrance, we also have some inspiration for you. Some perfumes for women contain unusual notes such as caraway (Elizabeth Arden: Green Tea), whipped cream (Zadig & Voltaire: This Is Her), sugar (Burberry Brit for Her), caviar (Mugler: Womanity), or beeswax (Kim Kardashian: Pure Honey) and curaçao (Beyoncé: Pulse).

Does your head spin from so many options? You can easily browse our website and choose fragrances based on ingredients by following our guide through individual perfume notes. Try it for yourself!

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