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Rose perfume

Rose is the queen of all flowers and its scent is simply irreplaceable with its ability to lift your mood, calm your senses and act as an aphrodisiac. The rare rose oil contains 370 aromatic compounds which don’t have a synthetic alternative. Perfumers love it for its inimitable scent as well as its ability to connect hundreds of aromatic notes into one smooth fragrance. 


Characteristics of rose scent:

A clean, feminine, intensely romantic scent. Citrussy fresh with powdery nuances and woody or fruity undertones.

How the rose aroma is obtained:

Rose petals are harvested before 10 in the morning because the heat causes the aromatic essence to drop down to the roots. The same day, the petals are boiled and the condensed steam is distilled to obtain the essential oil. About 3500kg of rose petals are needed for 1 kilogram of rose oil. Rose fragrances are elegant, romantic and always stylish. Find your rose perfume today!

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