Don’t be afraid of a dramatic makeup look

January 19, 2017Notino
Natural makeup might be perpetually on trend, but where’s the fun in always looking the way other people want you to look? Have you been told that purple lipstick is too much?

That you can wear either a strong eye makeup or a bold lip, but never both? We’ll let you in on a little secret: There really are no rules as long as it makes you feel fantastic. Or when it simply suits your mood, your attitude, or your gorgeous new pair of Doc Martens. This time, let’s go over the top and beyond!

Bright lipstick to set the tone

In case you still want to play it reasonably safe—that is, to pull off a bold makeup look that’s nonetheless well balanced—decide first if you want to use cool or warm colour palette. Even if you’re not quite daring to make both your eyes and your lips colourful, you can still create a strong look by using striking neutrals like black or even white.

When putting on makeup, most people probably start with the base and then go onto eyeshadow and mascara. It does make sense—after all we tend to look others in the eyes first. However, if you’re looking to do something a tad more daring with your makeup, feel free to use your chosen lip colour as the guideline for the rest of your face.

Pick a bright lipstick in an unusual colour, for instance the mesmerising Lancôme Rouge in Love in the shade Violette Coquette or the Revlon ColorBurst Matte in Shameless, and let it define your whole look. Another option is to pick a dark lipstick, such as the beautiful matte Maybelline Color Sensational Loaded Bold in Blackest Berry. Last but certainly not least, a true red lipstick will always be a hit. Try our favourite Max Factor Colour Elixir in Ruby Tuesday.


Dramatic eyes for both day and night

Who said that a smokey eye is only fit for an evening look? Just flip through a fashion magazine and you’ll see legions of models wearing daytime clothes while sporting the darkest eyeshadows and eyeliners. A show-stopping eye makeup will speak of your fearlessness and make you feel invincible.

Start off with the brilliant and always reliable Artdeco Eyeshadow Base that will keep your eye makeup intact all day (don’t forget to give it a little bit of time so that it can set before you put on any sort of colour). To create an even canvas for your artwork, use your favourite compact powder—we love the Catrice Prime and Fine—and cover both eyelids from lashline to browbone. When putting on eyeshadow, apply lighter colours first and blend them to diffuse any harsh lines before moving onto darker shades. Kryolan Basic Eyes Shimmery Eyeshadow Palette will make your task significantly easier: Simply choose your favourite bright colour and then add a touch of black close to the lashes, blending it upwards and out. It does take a bit of practice to get it right without your makeup looking smudgey, but with a light hand and a decent blending brush, the effect will be surprisingly neat.

For those who love to experiment with many different shades, Makeup Revolution Colour Chaos Palette will be a blessing with 18 strong shades in varying textures. Would you prefer a set of colours that you already know go well together? Nars Andy Warhol Eyeshadow trios are just the right product for you.

Liner, lashes, go!

Strong eye makeup obviously requires a liner, one that will define the shape of your eyes or change it ever so gently if necessary. A set of 8 mini-sized Urban Decay eye pencils is a perfect way to try on more audacious colours without committing to one expensive product: This collection of four double-ended eyeliners includes both more natural and brighter colours, as well as the deepest shades for a beautifully dramatic smokey eye. To deepen your look even more and give it a touch of mystery, try the Guerlain Khol Terracota Eyeliner in Noir.

Lastly, add the perfect final touch with Ardell Strip Lashes or Ardell Glamour Fake Lashes, depending on how bold you actually feel. At any rate, remember the basic rules of using false lashes: apply the glue sparingly, let it go tacky before you put the lashes on, stick them onto the roots of your own lashes, not to your eyelids, and leave them to dry before the next step. When they’re safely on, use the Artdeco Eyedesigner Profi Eyelash Curler to lift them up and carefully brush through them with Helena Rubinstein Surrealist Everfresh Mascara for a light volumising effect.

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