Halloween Makeup Tutorial: Crazy Joker

October 15, 2021Notino
Makeup and fancy dress lovers unite, Halloween is fast approaching! Are you finally ready to beat your friends in the annual costume contest? Follow my Halloween makeup tutorial, which is perfect for both men and women, and you’ll look 100% like your chosen character. No doubt about it! You can call yourself either the Joker or Pennywise from IT. Either way, here’s how to achieve a creepy clown makeup look step by step!

How to be a Halloween party king or queen

Check out a few of my universal tips that will help you create the coolest makeup look of them all.

  • Whatever look you’re going for, make sure to use waterproof products. If you’re going to a party, you’ll certainly appreciate it if your makeup isn’t running down your face as you dance your heart out on the dance floor.
  • For an extra-spooky effect, venture out and get yourself some liquid latex. It will create a layer of second skin that you can paint and shape using different techniques. And when the night is over you can easily remove it.
  • If you want to spice up your costume with an especially wild hairstyle, try coloured hair sprays. It’s a quick and effective way to give your hair the wow factor.
  • To give your look (literally) a showstopping effect, pop in some coloured contact lenses!
  • And to tie it all together, pair your outfit with a set of terrifyingly gorgeous Halloween nails – the perfect cherry on top of the cake.


It’s no surprise that every clown has to have a white face to make everything else stand out. If that’s pushing it a bit too far, use your regular foundation shade and then even out your skin tone and brighten any areas with the NYX Professional Makeup Can't Stop Won't Stop concealer (the video shows the shade 04 Light Ivory). 

Then set everything in place with the NYX Professional Makeup High Definition Finishing Powder in the shade Translucent or Banana (the video shows the shade Banana). 

TIP: For a flawless finish, I recommend blending both your foundation and concealer using a damp BrushArt Face Basic makeup sponge. 


This is where the fun starts! To make sure your clown eyes look creepy enough, don’t hold back and go all in with the eyeliner. 

Start with the Epic Wear Liner Stick waterproof pencil by NYX Professional Makeup in the shade Pure White and lighten your eye area.

Then add some black to your eyelids using the same eye pencil, this time in the shade Pitch Black. We want to create thin triangles that stretch over the eyebrows all the way up to the forehead, and from the lower lid to the cheeks or all the way to the mouth; the choice is yours. 

TIP: Blend out the black eyeliner with the NYX Professional Makeup Pro Brush for the ultimate blurry effect. 

To really make your eyes stand out, we definitely need to step up the intensity with the NYX Professional Makeup Epic Ink liquid liner. Start at the inner corner and draw a line along your upper lash line, winging it out dramatically up to the level of your eyebrows. And don’t hold back – on Halloween more is more! If you’re a true daredevil, you can go ahead and create the same line on the lower eyelid; I definitely would! 

Little things you’ll appreciate! 

Now that your eyeliner is winged out in all directions, mascara is all that’s left. Like all other products, I’d recommend sticking to a waterproof mascara, just because it lasts longer. Whether it’s for a Halloween party or not, I keep coming back to the NYX Professional Makeup Worth The Hype mascara. 

Moving on to the eyebrows… but what technique should you use? You have more than one option. If you’re currently obsessed with the laminated brow look, brush through your eyebrows with the Makeup Revolution Soap Styler brow soap. If that’s the technique you’re going for, I would style the brows BEFORE all the eyeliner extravaganza to avoid smudging. 

If you feel as if the eye makeup has taken up all of your energy, keep it simple and use the NYX Professional Makeup Tinted Brow Mascara (the shade in the video is Blonde). 

And if you still feel as if your makeup isn’t dramatic enough, don’t hold back, take a black eye pencil and use it to fill in your eyebrows! 


And there you have it; it’s not too difficult and the effect is astonishing! But whatever transformation you opt for this Halloween, you’ll undoubtedly end up looking stunning. Just enjoy yourself and make this year’s 31st October a memorable one. 😊 


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