Cosmetic Vaseline

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You’ll be surprised in how many different ways you can use cosmetic vaseline – it works as a protective barrier which keeps out harmful agents from the environment, pus it moisturises and strengthens your skin.

What Can You Use Cosmetic Vaseline For?

Products with vaseline intensive care can be used in many different ways to make your life easier and enhance your beauty. has vaseline for hands and hair, as well as vaseline for face or a vaseline lip balm. So what are its benefits?

  • It moisturises and soothes the skin while preventing wrinkles.
  • It regenerates cracked skin – not only on your heels.
  • It takes care of split ends.
  • It’s wonderful as a base for your perfume and makes it last longer.
  • Prevents stains on the skin during home hair colouring.
  • You can use it to make your own scrub, lip gloss, or makeup remover.
  • It also doubles as a hand cream and effectively prevents hangnails.
  • Hydrates the skin of your nose when you have a cold.
  • By applying some vaseline before putting on your lipstick, you make sure your lips stay hydrated.

Say good-bye to dry skin and split ends. Try white vaseline or a scented vaseline with lavender or calendula – they will become an essential part of your daily routine you’ll want to take everywhere with you.