Green hair dye

Green hair dye
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Looking for a radical change? Feeling bold? You can always go for a green hair colour and create the most incredible shades. It might look a little too daring at first sight, but all it takes is a bit of courage and you’ll see that green is simply gorgeous.

In combination with your natural hair colour, green can go from bright green shades to shades of turquoise and dark green that almost becomes brown with green reflections. To keep your green hair looking splendid for as long as possible, use hair care for colour-treated hair to keep your green shade lasting longer.

You don’t have to dye your entire hair green. Try a few green strands first for a little colour kick. If your hair is already blonde, you don’t even have to worry about bleaching it. Green will go on just fantastic.

Want to try if green hair is for you?

Not sure if green hair is the way to go? Try a temporary hair dye and wear it to a party or other occasion. Maybe you’ll get so many compliments you’ll simply want to go for a permanent green colour. A green spray-on colour or a wash-out hair dye will last a few days, but you’ll soon fall in love with your green hair!