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How to Lighten Your Hair in a Gentle Way?

Dreaming of stunning blonde hair, or want to find a gentle way to brighten it up and get highlights? Hair bleach and hair lighteners will help you achieve professional-level results, plus they take care of your hair thanks to nourishing ingredients such as vitamin E, protein, glycerol or argan oil, and prevent any damage to hair structure, dehydration or scalp irritation.

Hair Bleach or Hair Lightener?

If you’re thinking about lightening your hair at home, start by deciding whether to use hair bleach or a lightener. The main difference lies in the way they achieve the lightening effect.

Hair Lightener

A hair lightener will lighten the natural pigment – it’s actually a hair dye with a lower concentration of hydrogen peroxide, plus nourishing ingredients that ensure a gentle lightening result. This method is particularly great if you want to lighten your natural hair colour or if the lighter shade will be a step before changing your hair colour with a permanent hair dye.

Types of Hair Lighteners
  • Lightening powder is very effective at brightening up blonde hair, eliminating yellow undertones after dyeing, or quickly stripping a dark hair colour by 1 to 2 shades. You can also use special lightening hair powders to achieve a gradual lightening effect by up to 9 shades.
  • Lightening hair cream will help you cover first grey hair while you’re lightening your natural colour. Choose a lightening cream whose pigments will perfectly coat every hair and replace the missing pigment.
  • Ombré hair lightener allows you to gently create a smooth gradient effect or and natural lightening of your hair tips.
  • Semi-permanent hair colour remover helps your get rid of any residual semi-permanent dye in your hair or any unwanted and faded colours.

Hair Bleach

Hair bleach removes all pigment from your hair. If you’re dreaming of changing your dark hair colour to a blonde shade, you’ll need to bleach it completely. However, remember that bleached hair requires intense care, because the hair structure can be porous and very fragile. We recommend bleaching your hair with so-called plex technologies that help you nourish your hair and prevent any damage. If your hair is very dark and prone to damage, you should leave any radical changes of your hair colour to a professional hairdresser.

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