Hair straighteners with keratin

Hair straighteners with keratin

Do you dream of having perfectly straight and healthy hair which shines naturally at first glance? Try keratin hair straighteners; not only do they make your hair perfectly straight and smooth its surface, they also nourish it and protect it against frizz.

Keratin straighteners have heated plates infused with keratin, which protect the structure of your hair from damage and drying while styling your hair. Your hair is healthier, shinier and more radiant.

The advantages of hair straighteners with keratin

  • Smooth and shape the hair gently.
  • Avoid static and frizzy hair.
  • Prevents hair drying out and breakage.
  • Leaves hair shiny.
  • Forms a protective barrier to protect the hair fibre.

How to use keratin straighteners:

There’s nothing difficult about using keratin straighteners. Place a strand of hair between the plates, press down the handles and run the straighteners along the length of the hair from roots to ends. Do this until you have created the hairstyle you want – just as if you were styling your hair with regular hair straighteners.

What is keratin and how does it work?

It is often referred to as the saviour of hair. In fact, this protein is primarily the basic building block of hair – up to 95% of it. It affects its strength, firmness and overall quality. You can make up for a deficiency with shampoos, sprays and other hair products with keratin, or by using keratin hair straighteners.

Choose quality keratin hair straighteners by Rowenta, Remington or BaByliss PRO, or straighteners for applying Brazilian keratin, Brazil Keratin Iron Repair, which adds a healthy shine to your hair, like in the TV adverts.