Halloween makeup


Halloween is here, and it is the time when we can play with makeup and "reincarnate" into someone else. We have selected the most trendy and timeless looks with which you will be the brightest star of any Halloween party! In order to make it more joyful, we’ve lowered the prices of all products you'll need.

Día de Los Muertos

Celebrate Mexico's Day of the Dead and transform yourself into the Lady of Death, aka La Calavera Catrina. The feast of Día de los Muertos celebrates death not as an end, but as a new beginning. The mask of the decorated skull became a wonderfully frightening symbol of this day.

Harley Quinn

The unmistakable look of Harley Quinn, the Joker's (ex) better half and perhaps Gotham's most famous rebel, will always be in the mix. You can not do without pale skin, red lipstick and multi-coloured eye makeup. Do not be afraid to be bizzare and, like Harley, smear your makeup a little.


Playful Halloween Look

Turn into sexy lioness, zombie or cute bunny, and become a star of any Halloween party. Whether you search for simple or elaborated Halloween look, here you can find the best makeup that will make you glow! Glitter and highly pigmented colourful eyeshadow palettes, red lipsticks, and pale makeup for a dead look.

Inspire with tips for Halloween looks from your favourite brands, or try scary Halloween makeup of your favourite horror characters. Halloween is an occasion to let your imagination run riot, celebrate it with style!

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