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Why Get an Eyebrow Brush and Spoolie?

Are your eyebrows the very next step after applying your foundation? They should be. Brows are absolutely crucial for your overall makeup look, which is why you should always keep a little spoolie or eyebrow brush at hand.

Brushing out Your Eyebrows

  • An eyebrow spoolie and eyebrow brush can be used in two different ways. The spiral shape of a spoolie or a classic brush with all bristles in one line will brush through your eyebrows and give them the right shape. Then you can use them to apply your brow shadow, brow wax or brow pencil and achieve a slightly smudged, natural look. And don’t forget you can bend the spoolie to give it an angle that’s more comfortable to use.

Tip 1: To create a trendy bushy brow, brush the hair up and towards the temples, and then set them with a suitable product.

Tip 2: Use the spoolie to brush through your lashes before applying your mascara.

  • Brow comb is particularly great at giving your brow arches the right shape before further styling. You can also use it to remove excess mascara from your lashes to make sure that they’re perfectly separated.

Filling the Brows in

  • Use a brow brush to apply a brow powder, pigmented brow gel or brow wax. This type of flat, slanted brush is ideal for a precise application on the small area of your eyebrows, or for drawing individual hairs. A miniature eyebrow brush is usually a part of most of the trendy and ever-popular eyebrow palettes.

All in One

Want to save some space in your makeup bag? Try a 2-in-1 eyebrow brush and spoolie and use this one tool for a complete eyebrow styling. If you want your brows to look absolutely flawless, get an eyebrow brush with brow stencils and create a perfectly symmetrical look worthy of a makeup artist.

Your eyebrow brush or spoolie can last you for many years – just remember to clean them on a regular basis. Your quest for perfect eyebrows starts with a good brush and spoolie, so get yours today!