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How to Choose the Best Nail Lamp?

UV or LED nail lamp is an essential device in any professional nail salon as well as a home nail kit. This handy nail-proving tool will harden your gel nails and make them last longer. If you want your nails to look absolutely flawless and stay beautiful for more than just a few days, do not underestimate the selection of the right curing nail lamp.

When looking for a new LED or UV nail lamp, you should consider its type, power output and other criteria and functions, plus its design and price. So find out how to pick the right gel nail lamp today!

UV Lamp or LED Lamp?

  • UV nail lamp usually contains 4 to 5 bulbs that harden your nail varnish. It’s a more affordable option but the bulbs need to be replaced more frequently.
  • LED nail lamp uses 12 to 18 diodes that don’t have to be replaced as often as the bulbs in a UV lamp. It also takes less time to cure your gel nails.
  • Dual lamp combines the characteristics of a UV and an LED lamp. It uses bulbs, just like an LED lamp, and it can cure all gel varnishes for UV lamps designed for gel manicure. It often uses less energy. Another positive is that the white light emitted by the diodes is gentle on your eyes.

Nail Lamps according to Power

More power means a quicker curing effect – so if you don’t have much time, go for a 48W UV lamp or LED lamp. If time’s not an issue, you can get a 9W lamp that might take a bit longer, or a 36W lamp that cures your gel nail varnish in a relatively short time.

Useful Features in a UV/LED Nail Lamp

The right features of your UV or LED lamp can make the entire process of gel nail curing more pleasant. So which ones should you look out for?

  • replaceable diodes and UV bulbs, removable bottom part,
  • a base which affects how evenly your nail varnish is cured,
  • continuous light which speeds up the process,
  • automatic off switch.

Pick the best gel nail lamp or gel nail kit at and enjoy your perfect salon-level manicure!