Nursing Bras

Comfortable Breastfeeding Bra

Be more comfortable during the nursing period! Nursing bras are a practical type of underwear you’ll appreciate before or after giving birth. Pregnancy bras and nursing bras offer sufficient support, they’re breathable and perfectly adapt to the changing size of your breasts during the day. They bring comfort to sensitive breasts and feature removable cups for easier breastfeeding. Read on to learn how to find the right nursing bra for your needs.

Benefits of Nursing Bra and Maternity Bra

  • They’re made of absorbent materials to prevent the seeping of breast milk into your clothes.
  • They keep their shape and perfectly adapt to changes during the day.
  • They feature wide straps, adjustable fastening and soft elastic materials to offer perfect support to sensitive breasts.
  • Removable cups are great for easy nursing wherever your are.
  • They’re roomy enough to fit breast pads and nipple shields.
  • A nursing bra is discreet, comfortable and practical.

When to Buy a Nursing Bra

You should ideally shop for a nursing bra about a week after giving birth when your breasts stop filling and retain the same size. However, the shape and size of your breasts will already start changing during pregnancy (around month 5), which is why you’ll need a maternity bra that offers enough comfort before childbirth when your standard bra might be too tight.

How to Choose a Nursing Bra

When choosing the right nursing bra, pay attention to the right size, breathability and durability of material, and the overall functionality.

Types of Nursing Bras:

  • A seamless nursing bra doesn’t irritate sensitive breasts.
  • A nursing bra without underwires is great especially during the first 6 months when the nursing happens quite frequently and milk production is stabilising.
  • A lacey nursing bra or a nursing bra with underwires is good for the period when nursing becomes less frequent and your breasts are less sensitive.
  • A night nursing bra is designed for comfortable sleep and easy nursing during the night.
  • A nursing sports bra is a seamless bra you’ll slip on over your head. It offers maximum comfort during sporting activities.
  • A nursing nightie is a combination of a bra with removable cups and a stretchy slip which offers some support to the belly area.

Size of Your Nursing Bra

In general, your breasts will get about one or two sizes bigger after childbirth – but everyone is different. Make sure that the cups, underwires and straps of your nursing bra are not cutting into your skin and the cups have enough room for nursing breast pads. The bra also shouldn’t be too large, because then you’re sacrificing function for comfort.

Material of Your Nursing Bra

  • Choose the right material for your nursing bra depending on what worked for you before the childbirth.
  • Elastic materials offer enough flexibility, plus they keep their shape and colour very well.
  • A cotton nursing bra is breathable and you can easily boil it to keep it perfectly clean.

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