Postpartum Underwear

Comfortable Maternity and Postpartum Underwear

Enjoy maximum comfort during the first days after giving birth and in the postpartum weeks! Postpartum underwear is breathable, soft, and it holds postpartum pads in place. It often features elastic straps to prevent tugging and discomfort. In short, this exceptionally gentle underwear keeps your sensitive area nice and comfortable – so here are some tips on how to find the right kind for you.

Benefits of Postpartum Underwear

  • It’s breathable and promotes regeneration after giving birth.
  • It’s designed to be used with postpartum pads.
  • You can use it even if you have sensitive skin.
  • It makes your hospital stay easier and more comfortable.

Postpartum and Maternity Underwear

Ideally, you should be shopping for breathable, stretchy and gentle underwear during your pregnancy when you’re body’s getting ready for childbirth. A maternity bra offers perfect support to your growing breasts – but we also recommend getting some maternity knickers that don’t dig into your belly and adapt to your changing body.

Immediately after giving birth, you can opt for single-use mesh postpartum underwear you simply throw in the bin afterwards. You then switch to washable postpartum underwear during the weeks following the childbirth.

Our tip: Don’t forget to pack disposable maternity knickers in your hospital bag – ideally 3 or 4 pairs for your entire stay.

Maternity underwear and postpartum underwear gives you the comfort every new mother deserves. Your postpartum kit should also include bra pads, postpartum belly wraps, postpartum pads and a soothing nipple cream. Discover our wide selection of maternity products and baby products at today!