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Baby Sleep Toys and Snuggle Blankets for Better Sleep

Wonderfully soft sleep toys and snuggle blankets are absolutely perfect for cuddling! A sleep buddy is a soft toy designed to be easily grabbed and cuddled by small babies so they can hold onto them while they fall asleep. Snuggling with a toy makes the baby feel safe, helps them sleep and benefits their emotional and social development. Your baby can also use their favourite snuggle buddy in the pram or during long and tiresome car journeys. Promote your child’s restful sleep with a cute little sleep toy!

Which Sleep Toy to Choose and When

Sleep buddies come in many beautiful designs and colours for kids of all genders and they can be even used by newborns. You can choose one based on material, shape and type or other useful features such as loops for hanging the toy up in the pram or for clipping it to the dummy.

Sleep Toy Materials

Baby sleep buddies are made from the softest materials to ensure that they don’t cause discomfort or get in the way. Since a snuggle toy often ends up on the floor or with food stains all over it, it should also be machine-washable. Some popular sleep toys include:

  • plush sleep toys for babies,
  • sleep toys made from bamboo microfibre,
  • muslin sleep toys for kids,
  • cotton sleep toys,
  • sleep toys made from soft fleece.

Types of Sleep Toys

Snuggle toys with rattles or ones in the shape of little bears, owls, rabbits and other popular fairy-tale characters in playful colours will quickly become your kid’s best buddies and help them get quality rest.

  • A hand puppet is a sleep buddy specially designed to be easily grabbed by tiny hands.
  • A printed snuggle blanket is a popular sleep buddy for newborns.
  • A sleep buddy with a rattle will draw your baby’s focus and soothe them in any situation.
  • A sleep buddy with a teething toy or a chewing knot helps when your kid’s first teeth start coming in.
  • A light-up sleep buddy also works as a night lamp with a lovely dim light.
  • A musical sleep buddy plays a lovely melody or white noise to soothe the baby.

Fluffy sleep buddies and snuggle blankets will lull your baby to sleep while developing their sense of sight, hearing and touch. Find an adorable little buddy for your baby and discover other kids’ toys and useful kids’ products!