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Adorable Baby Rattles

Discover the world of playful baby rattles and keep your baby entertained and occupied, whether at home or while travelling! Colourful baby rattles make a variety of sounds and promote the sensory coordination and development of your baby from the day they’re born. Rattles are made of quality durable materials and specially designed to be easily grabbed by tiny hands. Find the best baby rattle for your child today at!

How to Choose a Baby Rattle

Rattles can be used from the day your baby is born. The more colourful and fun they are, the more popular they’ll be. When choosing the right product, focus especially on the rattle’s size, shape, material, and the age of your baby.

Shape of Your Baby Rattle

Bright colours and interesting shapes draw the baby’s attention when they need to be soothed. However, make sure to choose a rattle that’s not too heavy or too difficult to grab. Apart from a classic hand-held baby rattle, you can also find other types:

  • Baby rattles worn on the wrist or leg will help your kid notice their own movement as they react to the sound. These rattles are made of snuggly fabrics, they come with jingle bells or rustling paper features and they’re secured to the wrist or ankle with a velcro fastening. You might also find a pair of rattling socks.
  • Pram rattles in colourful designs or with stuffed animals on an elastic or a spring will look wonderful and adorable in any pram, but you can also attach them to a baby cot or a baby mat.

Our tip: Some dummy clips come in the form of a rattling plastic chain or beads while also preventing the dummy from getting lost.

Material of Your Baby Rattle

The material of the baby rattle should be safe as well as easy to clean. Some rattles can be put in the dishwasher, sterilised by boiling, or washed in the washing machine.

  • Plastic baby rattles come in various shapes and with ridges or grooves to bring some relief during teething. The material has to be free of phthalates, BPA, PVC and other harmful substances.
  • A wooden rattle usually comes in the form of balls or beads in combination with other materials. Most often the wood is perfectly smooth and sourced from fruit trees, maple or oak.
  • Cloth baby rattles are fun companions which come in the shape of animals and balloons. Stuffed rattles often use other additional materials.

Rattles according to Your Baby’s Age

  • A rattle for newborns should have bright contrasting colours and produce sounds that are more on the soothing side. The most popular designs are simple ones that promote the baby’s motor skills.
  • Rattles for babies from 3 months of age can be more intricate in shape and colour and produce various sounds. They might also come with a teether toy to relieve any pain during teething.

Adorable baby rattles promote healthy child development and bring some distraction when your kid’s at home or in a pram. Discover our wide selection of kids’ toys and other kids’ products and bring more fun into your child’s life!